Ghizer Food Secrets

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You’ve heard of the food secret gastronomy program called Ghizer, but what is it? What is the secret behind Ghizer’s success? Read on for a Ghizer food secrets review to discover the real story behind Ghizer’s delicious apricots, rotten apples, and countless other culinary treats. The gastronomic program is a great way to improve your diet, and to learn more about the Ghizer culture.

203 suicide stories in Ghizer

Suicides are a blight on the mountains of Ghizer, Pakistan. The village is notorious for their high rate of suicides, which makes local residents hope against hope that the river is not a serpent, or that the worm that’s gnawing on the vitals of people isn’t eating them. Suicides are not the only cause of death in Ghizer, though. The town has also been rocked by earthquakes, which have cracked the village walls.

Suicide is not uncommon in the area, as the number of suicides is higher than the number of homicides in the area. In the Gopis tehsil alone, 28 suicides have been confirmed, while only five have been reported as murder. The suicide rate in Punyal, however, outnumbers homicides by a ratio of 73:3.

apricots are ripe, apples are rotten

If you think apricots are just for dessert, you’re not alone. They have numerous health benefits and an interesting history. Shakespeare mistakenly referred to apricots as an aphrodisiac, but they have been prized as a food for thousands of years. Read on to learn more about this tasty and healthy fruit.

Apricots, the only fruit that never gets more flavorful, are small, round, and have a soft skin. Their color ranges from a pale orange to deep saffron, with a blush on the cheek. It is only when apricots are perfectly ripe that you should eat them. Typically, they should yield slightly when pressed, but they should never be mushy.

the law of silence

The law of silence is alive and well in the valleys of Ghizer. The bairer tree scent in the valleys is a welcome reminder of past life and the sound of the mayun oriole in the nearby villages is a gentle yet powerful accompaniment to the peaceful rhythms of daily life. This quiet yet vibrant place is known for its rich, thriving life. There are no telephones or radios, and the villagers’ lives remain in secret, a life that is largely unrecognised.

villagers’ fear of suicide

The suicide rate in Ghizer, Afghanistan is a real concern, as locals fear a worm or serpent will eat their vitals. However, villagers of the small town hope against hope that the legend is false, and a tragedy isn’t lurking in the darkness. The village walls are cracked, and residents fear the secrets of their food will lead to an untimely death.

It is difficult to gauge the exact reason for the high suicide rate in the Ghizer valleys, but one possible reason is that local villagers are afraid to share their recipes and their fears of suicide. The villagers live by the law of silence, and even the police only learn about suicide cases once the bodies are buried. Suicides and honour killings are so common in the region that it’s impossible to tell how many people have committed suicide there.


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