Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

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Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

Manny Khoshbin has a net worth of around $80 million. He owns three companies and makes royalties from three published books. He has been married to Leyla Milani since 2011 and the couple has two children together. The couple lives in Newport Coast, California. They own a supercar and six luxury watches. His cars alone are worth around $30 million.

Manny Khoshbin is a real estate entrepreneur

After spending two years in a tire shop, Manny Khoshbin decided to move on and become a real estate broker and president of Century West Financial. In six years, he had become a successful real estate investor and was able to start his own business. In 1991, he made a business deal to buy a gas station. He put in a lot of effort and capital into the business, and eventually sold it for a profit. He then went on to become the chairman of The Khoshbin Company, Inc. in 2005.

Khoshbin has a YouTube channel where he posts videos and guides investors in the field of commercial real estate. He is also a published author and has several books on the subject. His YouTube channel features numerous videos and he has more than 1.43 million subscribers.

He owns a mortgage company

Manny Khoshbin was a real estate agent who got his real estate license at the age of 20 and started a mortgage and real estate business. He specialized in distressed properties, such as foreclosed and bank-owned properties, and he was able to grow his business to more than $1 billion in value with little outside capital. Today, Manny Khoshbin is a real estate investor and advisor who helps young investors. He is a firm believer in hard work and dedication to building a business.

Khoshbin is also an investor in commercial real estate, owning 2.2 million square feet of space in six states. He also has real estate holdings worth over $450 million. He and his wife Leyla Milani are married and have two children. In 2011, Manny Khoshbin married Iranian-Canadian actress Leyla Milani, a TV personality who has starred in television shows such as Deal or No Deal and The Oprah Winfrey Show. The couple has two children, and have a massive collection of luxury cars.

He is a YouTuber

Real estate developer Manny Khoshbin is a well-known name among YouTube users. He has a huge car collection and an extravagant lifestyle. Khoshbin was born in Iran in 1971. He spent most of his childhood there with his four siblings. After that, his family moved to California.

His net worth is currently estimated at $80 million. He earns his money from YouTube advertisements and promoting his books. In 2022, Khoshbin will be 50 years old, but he has already made his first million. He claims that working keeps him energetic and young. He still feels youthful day after day, even after being a millionaire.

He is a car enthusiast

The millionaire real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin is a self-described car enthusiast. He started his career at K-Mart, and today, his garage is filled with supercars and supercar parts. He bought his first supercar when he was 24 years old. He later bought a Ferrari F40, which he drove daily. His current supercar is a 2008 Drophead. Khoshbin buys older cars from eBay, but he also buys new ones from dealers. His budget doesn’t matter; he wants to own the most beautiful, quickest, and most luxurious car he can afford.

This car enthusiast has amassed a huge following on Instagram. He has created a brand through posting pictures and videos of luxury cars. In fact, he has a collection worth $30 million. Khoshbin also owns a go-kart track, and he has a garage that is over 70,000 square feet. Although he is a businessman, Khoshbin enjoys cars and is a big fan of exotic cars.

He was a floor cleaner at “Kmart”

Manny Khoshbin started his career at a very young age, cleaning floors and shopping carts at Kmart. He later went on to become an assistant manager at a sporting goods store. While working at Kmart, he also worked in multi-level marketing, selling goodies door-to-door.

Khoshbin came to the United States with his family in 1985 and quickly rose through the ranks. He eventually became an assistant manager of sporting goods and eventually made it to management.


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